Production Capabilities

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has enough capacities for providing all core processes and is able to supply its equipment even in non-standard materials, such as stainless steel, duplex steel, aluminium alloy, copper, brass, monel, inconel, incoloy, or titanium. The production itself is performed at our company headquarters in Benešov nad Ploučnicí near Děčín.

For the production of several types of finned tubes which are the basic part of air cooled heat exchangers, the company uses two finning machines. One of the core processes in the production of equipment is welding. Where the company, thanks to the efforts of its professional staff, achieves very good results. For welding, the company is equipped with welding facilities which include standard welding units, semi-automatic welding machines and special equipment for the orbital welding of tubes or automated submerged arc welding. The welding operations are performed by the company’s own personnel with a top expertise at an international level and under the supervision of several welding technologists. For the next processing of weldments, the company uses its own annealing furnaceand blasting machine. The machinery equipment of the production shops, including CNC machining centers, allow the company to make the further processing of mill materials and weldments. For the final assembly and construction of technological units, the company has production premises with two crane tracks and four bridge cranes, each of a capacity of 30 tons. Thus, the company is able to manufacture equipment of a total weight of up to 60 tons (and with external cranes up to 80 tons). Upon demand of the customer the company has, thanks to the adequate size of the handling area, a location for making the check assembly of coolers or the measurement of noise and vibrations

Production range:

  • Pressure between -1 and 400 bar (g)
  • Temperature between -196 and 650 °C
  • Weight up to 80 t/per assembled item
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